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Infiltrate enemy base, avoid the guards, procure equipment and fight the bosses. Ultimately destroy METAL GEAR.

Updated 7 July 2021

1) The boring intermission menu has been replaced with puzzle rooms.

2) You can now select battle music style, MG1 or MGS

Updated 16 June 2021

1) Polish the game play and graphics 

2) SOCOM is a tranquilizing gun

3) Add scoring system

4) Revamp Body Armor functioning system

5) Added Gas Mask as equipment

6) Added 3 difficulty modes. 

7) Improve radar function to detect key items and exit location

Updated 2 Mar 2020

1) Fix the bug where after alarm triggered the exit level doesn't work.

2) The Tank boss battle is easier where the collision with mine is larger when moving.

3) Enemy land mine can be shot down.

How to Play:

1. Do OSP mission to obtain key item first. Then proceed to boss fight to progress story. You can do unlimited time on OSP mission. 

2. Hold W for weapons menu. Hold E for equipment menu. Press Enter to operate. Press Space bar to use weapon. 

Install instructions

Install and run .exe


LRMG2.exe 3 MB


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This game rocks!Please make real Battle Alert music! :D


Thanks for playing. Your feedback mean a lot to me.